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Our trucking fleet delivers daily to Ontario and Quebec. We make shipping runs as far south as Houston, Texas and as far west as Paramount, California. Your order ships by ground on our trucking fleet to connections in the Toronto and Montreal areas.

We have the capacity to ship container loads of product directly from our dock to all points worldwide.

All shipments, whether foreign or domestic, are handled professionally, with due diligence and care, to insure our customers receive exactly what they ordered in optimum condition and in a timely manner.

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Packaging Methods


A cable windings system that produces a coil of wire, with no spool, that allows no back twist, tangles or back tension. Industry standard for small diameter cable packaging.



A tangle and kink-free payoff design. The molded internal flange and steel reel design provides a rugged and durable environment for all industrial applications.



Variously sized metal spools, usually boxed and labelled, with up to sixteen spools per box (depending on spool size).



Variously sized combination plywood and metal spools, ranging for 12 to 30 inches in diameter. Safe bend radius of the cable must exceed 4.5 inches.



For larger size cables we offer wooden spools starting at 30 inches in diameter. Going beyond recycling, these spools are reusable and can be returned for a refundable deposit.



For extremely long lengths of small diameter cable, such as, TEW we offer returnable barrels. These barrels are constructed of high strength cardboard and steel and can hold several kilometres of cable.



A coil of wire in a box which draws from the centre through a perforated knock-out top, for use with small diameter cables.

Lighting Power & Control-Signal Cable

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